Best Furniture for Reception Areas

Posted on: March 14, 2017

Considering a new front desk? It’s quite a significant piece of office lobby furniture, so use a supplier, like Zoom, Inc., that offers a wide selection. Of course, the welcome that your customers, visitors, or guests receive when they enter your space is crucial to developing beneficial and long-term relationships. Here, we’ve pulled together some inspiration.

Defining the Role of Your Reception Desk

The all-important first impression of your company is created by everything from the personal greeting given by your staff to the look and feel of your lobby or reception area. Ideally, your front-office furniture, and especially your reception desk, helps to support your brand image. It must also give your receptionist or greeter (or maitre d’) a practical working space.

Crafting a Dazzling First Impression with Your Reception Desk

If you’re in a creative field or your business has a strong style component, like a hotel, restaurant, bar or salon, you might want to select a front desk with a unique shape, color or surface material. It’s not necessary, of course, to emphasize all these attributes in the same piece of furniture.

For instance, if you select a tall reception counter or check-in desk, the basic rectangle can work well, but you could choose a striking color or modern, minimalist woodgrain front desk. This provides a simple, clean and elegant look, with your concierge or other employees’ keyboarding tasks hidden on a recessed work surface, below the level of the client-facing counter.

If you choose an unexpected reception counter shape, such as a curved or U-shaped reception desk configuration, you might consider choosing a subtle or neutral surface color/material. However, since there are truly no hard and fast rules, browsing a well-connected supplier of quality office furniture makes perfect sense. No matter what you’re looking for in a front desk, Zoom, Inc. can source it or create it for you. (And we deliver, set up, and provide space planning services for your convenience!)

Projecting a Solid Image with Your Front Desk

If your business is in the finance or legal sector, consider a traditional reception desk configuration or even a counter shape as described above. For a medical setting, you might choose a white reception desk surface or light woodgrain desk such as birch. If you would like to focus solely on reception (greeting visitors) try a table for your front desk. Solve small-space issues by selecting a simple desk with a small footprint.

Find Your Perfect Reception Desk with Zoom, Inc.

Your reception desk needs to both fit with your image, and stand out somewhat, in a way that makes sense for your business. The front desk, table, podium, or counter should be a distinctive focal point that attracts attention, without being a distraction.

For expert assistance in choosing your reception desk and lobby furniture, contact Zoom, Inc. online. We also do workplace interior design and can work with you to select the perfect furniture for your unique business needs. Call us today at 301-299-7155301-299-7155!

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