Government Office Space Planning

In a government office, productivity, organization, and security are all of the utmost importance—each of these is directly impacted by the overall layout and design of your work and office spaces. The team at Zoom Inc. understands how vital a proper floor plan can be, which is why we offer up our extensive experience and expertise in order to help government offices to generate a space that best fulfills their needs.

For well over a decade, our expert design teams and product specialists have been offering the best in design, implementation, and furnishings to local and state government offices in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area. We are wholly dedicated to customized services and unique solutions, and every member of our team is highly adept at understanding and surpassing the challenges that each client faces.

Our experts can help with the layout and design of a wide range of office spaces, including:

  • Executive agencies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Government corporations
  • State and local government offices
  • Human services
  • And much more

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Professional Space Planning and Design for Government Offices

As a leading provider of interior design and layout services for government facilities, it is our goal to always generate spaces that emphasize both functionality and sustainability. Zoom Inc. offers a diverse range of products that are specifically designed to assist in a productive government office space. Some of our options include:

  • Office chairsGovernment office chairs should be functional, comfortable, and ergonomic to maximize the productivity and health of government staff members.
  • Waiting room chairsVisitors who must wait need a comfortable place to do so. The quality of your waiting room seating can dramatically impact the light in which your office is viewed!
  • Soft seating – Soft seating is ideal for use in waiting rooms, staff break rooms, recreation and downtime areas, and offices.
  • Height-adjustable desksHeight-adjustable desks offer a healthy option to staff members who may be required to spend hours at a time at their desk.
  • Cubicles and workstationsThe quality of a workstation will dramatically impact the overall quality of the work produced in that space. Zoom Inc. offers superior, customizable options.
  • Filing cabinets, lockers, and other storageStorage is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping office spaces organized and functional long-term.
  • Movable walls – Movable walls allow your work spaces to be more malleable and customizable, improving your ability to adjust to changes in the daily operations of your government office.
  • And much more – This is only a sampling of what our design team can offer—Zoom Inc. is a proud provider of countless options for government office furniture both in local and state applications.

Government Office Design and Furnishing

As a GSA-approved furniture dealer, Zoom Inc. is your prime choice when it comes to government office design, planning, and furnishing in the Mid-Atlantic area. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your offices run smoothly, both on a day-to-day basis, and when under the weight of a heavy workload.

Contact Zoom Inc. online to find out more, or call 301-299-7155 to speak with a skilled interior designer familiar with government building layouts and functionality!

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