How Are Millennials Influencing Office Design?

Posted on: May 10, 2019

Nearly half of the modern workforce can be classified under the generational term “millennial,” and that number is climbing fast. With such a large representation in offices, warehouses, and other common industry spheres, it was only a matter of time before a new generation and its ideas began to change the way a workplace is designed and the way it functions.

So, how exactly are millennials impacting workplace design? And is it a good thing?

A Millennial-Influenced Office Incorporates More Collaboration

Communication, collaboration, and team-oriented efforts are more popular—and more effective—than ever where millennials are concerned. We are talking about a generation that grew up as the internet did, which has made them more idea-hungry than any generation before (arguably). Because of this, many millennials thrive in collaborative environments that engender the exchange of ideas and consistent communication between peers and with project leads.

This doesn’t really mean that segmented workspaces and cubicles are outdated—they still have their place. But thousands of businesses have been finding a happy medium between quiet space and group efforts, and they’ve have seen huge positive changes because of it.

Easy ways to build out a collaborative workspace include the smart use of furniture, movable walls, or designated group conference rooms.

Millennials are Making Office Spaces More Ergonomic

With the passage of time, we’ve seen the effects that an 8-hour sitting session every day can have on the human body. The results haven’t been great. Back pain, chronic discomfort, fatigue—even weight gain and heart complications have been attributed to bad posture and uncomfortable seating. Generation X and Baby Boomers are still highly present in the workforce, and many experience these troubles on a daily basis.

Armed with this information and the benefit of hindsight, millennials and designers sympathetic to human health have been moving toward using ergonomic seating, sit-to-stand desks, and collaborative work environments that encourage movement and communication.

Modern Offices are Seeing More Technology

While it is certainly very debatable whether the influence of new technology can be fully attributed to millennials rather than the simple march of time, the current generations are more receptive to it. Higher-tech workstations, dynamic lighting, sophisticated hardware and software that automate labor-intensive processes—technology is working hard to make working easier and less stressful, and it shows in the productivity of businesses that take advantage of it.

Are Modern Millennial Office Designs Better?

In some ways—particularly in those pertaining to mental and physical health—the answer is absolutely. However, in terms of collaborative design, aesthetics, and inclusion, it depends! Many workplaces have fully switched to completely collaborative designs, while others find success in having both well-designed collaborative spaces in addition to more traditional sectioned offices, quiet rooms, and lecture-style conference rooms.

In the end, the best design for your office depends on what type of business you operate, what type of talent you’re looking to attract, and the goals of your growth in the future.

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