Swiftspace Commercial Furniture

When searching for the perfect balance between design, function, and cost-effectiveness, the Swiftspace brand of innovative workspaces is an excellent choice. Their mobile, durable, and easy to maneuver furniture fits any working environment, from government offices to small businesses.

Benefits of Swiftspace Office Furniture

Looking to modernize your facility’s workspaces? Check out Swiftspace to see if their products are the fit you’re looking for. They provide:

Easily scalable furniture that is flexible and adaptable to your business now and in the future. Swiftspace offers furniture that can be taken down and stored in minutes, and workstations that can accommodate more employees, so that you can scale up or scale down to change with your company’s changing needs.

Durable furniture that is engineered to last, yet lightweight for easy set up in just minutes. Each piece of furniture is engineered to handle the day-to-day punishment of an active workspace without showing the wear and tear or breaking down. Intensive testing means defect-free, long-lasting products.

Economical furniture that saves you money and time over the long term. Anyone can set up Swiftspace furniture and also take it down for storage just as quickly and easily.

Teknion Workstations and Height Adjustable Furniture

Flexible Workstations

Swiftspace’s functional and innovative workstations are more flexible and easy to set up and reconfigure than traditional cubicles or benching systems. The workstations include 90, 120, or 180-degree desks that form the main part of the folding workstations. Add on storage and other components—with each part on swivel casters attached to a durable, lightweight frame, you have a portable workspace. Design an open concept without walls, or full height walls to ensure privacy, and build your workstation to your needs with Swiftspace office furniture.

Height Adjustable Furniture

Height adjustable tables feature a dual arm mechanism to give you another way to customize Swiftspace’s workstations. Work tables can be adjusted to heights between 29 inches and 50 inches while maintaining the table’s same level position. To prevent pinching, adjustable table work surfaces are always kept one inch away from the desk’s frame. The tables can be adjusted while up to 30 pounds of equipment remains on the table.

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