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In the workplace, people are changing the way they work. Workers throughout the country are switching from long hours of continuous sitting at a desk to a more dynamic and ergonomic way of working—standing upright. Zoom Inc. works with furniture manufacturers around the globe to bring your business height adjustable tables that will keep your employees happy and comfortable all day long.

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Height Adjustable Desks from Top Manufacturers

Animate by JRB Studio

Sit-to-Stand DesksHeight Adjustable Desks

JRB has a whole line of sit-to-stand desks and tables, with various mechanisms for changing the height of the table. The tables and legs are separate components, allowing for a great range of options for table top shape and arrangement.

JRB legs are completely independent, making this a great option for an office retrofit. If you want to keep your table tops, switch out the base and you have a new sit-to-stand workplace!

Height Adjustable Desks for Sale






Applause is a versatile line of tables that can be used for many kinds of environments. Pictured above is a learning environment, where height adjustable tables can support a range of activities and tasks, from collaborative group projects to individual work. Contact us for more information about table options and arrangements.

Height Adjustable Tables by HON

Height Adjustable Tables for Sale in DC

HON’s line of height adjustable legs is made to work with any HON work surface. This offers you a range of products to browse as you think about incorporating height-adjustable desks in your office environment. An optional controller with digital display allows the user to set four pre-determined heights for the table and easily access each level- making it easy to go from sit to stand during the course of any given day.

Gen 2 Powered Adjustable Height Tables Open Plan

Adjustable Height Tables

These Gen 2 tables come with four preset height options on a digital screen, allowing the user to move the table to his or her desired setting.


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