Humanscale Office Furniture in MD, DC & VA

Humanscale office furniture earns their name daily with high-performance, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and office accessories. Humanscale products automatically adjust for the utmost in productive comfort throughout the work day. Zoom, Inc. is proud to offer a variety of innovative height adjustable commercial furniture to support your healthy, engaged workspace.

Humanscale Height Offers Adjustable Desks, Sit to Stand Tables, Ergonomic Chairs & More

Humanscale furnishings provide high-quality, durable, intelligently designed furniture that conforms perfectly to the user’s body and task-related needs, without the need to fiddle with frustrating knobs or controls. When you purchase Humanscale office furniture, you can expect:

Eco-friendly design that mirrors your company’s values – Humanscale prioritizes sustainability in manufacture and design, by creating products with few parts, made of recyclable materials that function to the highest levels of commercial workspace needs.

Quality construction that supports a long-term warranty – Chair textiles exceed 150,000 double rubs at five times the industry standard in performance testing. Sit/stand workstations are warranted up to 5 years and warranties for chairs and monitor arms extend up to 15 years.

Partnerships that demonstrate a commitment to positive environmental impact worldwide – Since 2008, Humanscale has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to preserve 1.5 million wilderness acres, maintaining Cambodia’s diverse natural ecosystem.

Featured Humanscale Furniture

Automatically Adjusted Seating

Featuring the Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale takes chair design to the next level of comfort and functionality by eliminating confusing adjustment levers and dials. Office chairs adjust to the user without effort for maximum comfort and support that feels custom-made.

Sit/Stand Products

Featuring the Humanscale QuickStand

Fuel workplace energy and facilitate productivity, while supporting health and comfort, with effortlessly height adjustable workstations that move with the needs of your workforce. Switching postures throughout the day and creating cooperative spaces on the fly has never been simpler or more engaging.

Ergonomic Office Accessories

Featuring the Humanscale FM 500

Ergonomic tools and solutions from Humanscale bring superior comfort and reduced stress to your workspace, supporting clutter-free desktops and active physical comfort. Laptop holders, footrests and cable management tools make your space easy to customize for optimal use.

Zoom Inc. Offers Humanscale Office Furniture in DC, MD & VA

If transforming your workspace with Humanscale furnishings is your goal, Zoom, Inc. delivers the product selection, customer service, and quick fulfillment your order requires. We offer expert space planning, on-time furniture delivery and fast, efficient installation tailored to your needs.

Our customer-focused and reliable delivery history make it simple to transform your government facility, corporate workspace or healthcare institution with the latest designs and most functional furnishings from respected brands—including Humanscale.

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