How to Design an Office with the Future in Mind

Posted on: September 20, 2017

Designing an office that will serve your company for years to come can be quite challenging. But armed with the knowledge and dedication of Zoom, Inc., you can easily create spaces that are perfect for the here and now as well as the far future! Here are just a few of the factors to keep in mind as you design an office for tomorrow.

Comfort and Health

The industry has greatly improved the collective understanding of workplace health concerns and considerations over the past few decades. In particular, we have a much better understanding of the way the small details of working and living in an office impacts a worker, from lighting to climate control to furniture.

It may be tempting to build your office inexpensively and forsake nice furniture and mood lighting, but this is very shortsighted. High quality furniture and lighting aren’t mere aesthetic niceties, but necessary components in a healthy office life. Healthy offices are more productive, retain more skilled employees over time, and waste less time and money on sickness, stress, and low morale.

Tech Upgrades

Offices being designed today need to keep in mind the absolute bleeding edge of technology, even if it’s not in the budget today. Because today’s bleeding edge will be tomorrow’s standard business technology. Applications of smart technology such as adaptive lighting and smart HVAC aren’t just toys, they’re tools for maintaining a cost-efficient workspace without sacrificing comfort or efficacy.

Many forward-thinking office designs make liberal use of digital displays throughout their buildings, even if they’re only going to be used as fancy whiteboards and monitors in the near future; this creates an excellent foundation for more advanced applications using the same displays, such as digital wayfinding or quick remote interactions between employees.

Maintenance and Improvements

You want to design an office space to be easily and affordably maintained and improved moving forward—you don’t want to end up trapped with an immaculate office space that begins immediately and inexorably deteriorating the day you start using it. It’s particularly important to keep this more mundane aspect of building for the future in mind even as you implement the latest and greatest in gadgets, software, and productivity principles in your office; it’s too easy to create a beautiful mess that’s difficult to maintain or upgrade.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, will you be able to adjust to your changing needs with a minimum of disruptions? A well-designed office should never become a limiting factor in your growth. Think as much about what you will need as what you need today. Be especially wary of aspects of your office which will cause you to hesitate to make necessary changes over time.

Building for the Future with Zoom Inc.

Taking advantage of leading office builders and providers can help you gain the edge you need for building perfect office and business spaces to suit your specific needs. Looking for additional guidance or for a dedicated furniture supplier? Contact us online to learn more!

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