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Overbed Tables and Night Stands

Zoom, Inc. specializes in providing furniture for healthcare environments and has extensive experience serving hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical practices, and more. Overbed tables and night stands help give your patients the extra comfort they need during a difficult time.

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Hospital Overbed Tables

For your day-to-day needs, we offer a variety of overbed tables and bed side tables. Take a look at some of our most popular healthcare furniture below:

Series 179 by Intensa


Intensa overbed tables provide the durability, functionality, and ease of cleaning that are essential in any healthcare environment. The Series 179 is a popular option for its extended table-top surface. It comes standard with a spill edge, and can be customized to have a cup holder.

Series 174H-V/M by Intensa


The 174H-V/M overbed tables from Intensa offer a split top for maximum surface area. In a hospital environment where the overbed table serves as a multi-purpose surface for everything from eating to reading, to receiving medications and get-well cards, this extended table top is useful and helpful for both caregivers and patients. This table has an appropriate base width for wheelchair accessibility, and comes in an extended range of laminates and paint colors to ensure consistency with your space.


Hospital Nightstands


Juno Nightstand by Krug 

Krug Juno2 Krug Juno1

Juno was developed specifically for healthcare environments to provide the best quality nightstand for durability, sanitation, and elegance. Designed for comfort and durability, the bed side table tops are ¾” thick, with a 2.5mm soft-radius edge to minimize scrapes and bruises for caregivers and patients.

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