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Education Furniture for High Schools

High schools are set up much differently than they were ten years ago. With advancing technology, high school classrooms need desks, tables, and more that are compatible with technology. When you are ready to purchase new classroom furniture for your high school, look no further than Zoom Inc. We are Washington, DC’s premier furniture supplier that can deliver furniture to any high school in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia areas.

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Furniture Products for High Schools

At Zoom Inc., we offer a variety of furniture that is perfect for any high school around the area. Whether you are looking for furniture for the classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, or office, give us a call!

We offer:

Professor desks – A professor’s desk must be functional and appealing. Solid construction and smoothly functioning drawers ensure this piece of furniture helps increase productivity, not hinder it.

Tablet arm chairs – Tablet arm chairs provide a handy writing surface without taking up any more space than an ordinary chair. An ergonomic seating and writing surface makes this a great choice when space is at a premium.

Table and chair sets – Aesthetics are important in the classroom, and matching tables and chairs unify the space.

Reception furniture – You want your education facility to give off a professional feel for both students and parents. Update the furniture in the main office to help make a good first impression.

Cafeteria tables and chairs – While you have many options for furniture in the cafeteria, built-in tables and chairs make janitorial work easier for your staff members. For a more appealing aesthetic, consider matching tables and chairs for your dining hall.

Stacking chairs – Sometimes classroom furniture must be moved aside, making stackable furniture the ideal space-saving solution. Stacking chairs are also easier to transport.

Folding chairs – Who says a folding chair can’t be ergonomic? You can save space and keep students comfortable during assemblies with the right products from Zoom Inc.’s manufacturers.

Folding tables – Portable temporary work surfaces are best accomplished with light and easily transportable folding tables.

Activity tables – Community spaces are convenient for high school students to get work done on. Activity tables with built-in outlets for laptops and cutouts for desktop computer cords facilitate a convenient study area.

Office chairs – Teachers and staff need to feel comfortable while working in their offices. Ergonomic chairs from our top manufactures provide an affordable, comfortable place for teachers to grade and work.

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Why Contact Zoom Inc.?

For more than 10 years, we have been the go-to furniture company for high schools around the Washington, DC area. We combine our interior design and space planning expertise with a large collection of furniture products to bring you the perfect classroom. Our project management skills and expertise will not disappoint.

If you’re ready to furnish your high school, contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

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