Can Office Furniture Be Expensed?

Posted on: November 8, 2017

An office or any similar business is going to be hard-pressed to get much of anything done without a solid setup of office and business furniture. But, as we’re certain you’re aware, furniture isn’t particularly cheap. Can you write your office equipment and furniture off as an expense to help you carry the weight of your new office overhaul? Find out with the experts at Zoom Inc. while we touch on the basics!

The Basics

The most basic guidelines for an expense are for it to be two things: ordinary and necessary. That means an expense should either be required in order to operate your business or be reasonably beneficial without being superfluous. Do you need office furniture? You most certainly do. So yes, in most cases you can count your new desks, chairs, and lighting as an expense.

The Caveat

However, it is important to note that for the furniture to be labeled as an expense, it needs to be exclusively used to run or maintain your business. As soon as items share time between work space and personal space, they enter a gray area. As an example, if you purchase a nice, high-quality office chair and use it within your business, that’s an expense. But if you instead take it home and use it in your at-home entertainment room, then you’re risking hot water.

What About Home Office Spaces?

Generally speaking, home office areas or other areas that are used primarily or strictly for business or work from home can indeed be expensed. Even decor and more casual items can count as long as they benefit you in some tangible and comfortable way; they just need to stay in the office or work area specifically!

But Isn’t an Expense Different from an Asset?

They are, yes, though they function quite similarly. At their most basic, an expense is an item that is consistently used in your business, like staples or printing ink. And an asset is more commonly something that lasts a while (years rather than days or weeks), such as office furniture. However, how you classify your new desk or some medical equipment will, in the end, depend on how you structure your accounting and how your business classifies these sorts of items. And that is a huge can of worms for a much longer discussion.

Also, saying that something is expensed, used as a verb, is actually a little different than saying the item is an expense in classification. We’ll admit that this is a little bit convoluted, but terminology can get complex quickly.

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