What Does a Office Furniture Installer Do?

Posted on: July 27, 2017

Investing in new office furniture can kick off your new business venture in style or refresh the look of your existing business location. Many of our customers enjoy the creative exercise of redesigning their office space and choosing just the right office furnishings, however…

Office Redesign Is One Thing, Setup is Another!

Even for those who love picking out their new office décor, there is one part that almost no one enjoys (nor has the time, specialized skill, and tools or equipment) to do—installing new office furniture. This part can be an unwelcome chore for most businesses. That’s why we have experienced installation partners on hand to handle your office furniture delivery, set-up, and installation.

Let your employees focus on their normal roles, without reassigning them to an unfamiliar task like assembling a desk. Our professional furniture assemblers get the job done safely, properly, and quickly.

Efficient Office Furniture Installers Get You Up and Running Smoothly

We partner with expert, professional office equipment installers across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC to complete your commercial furniture installation. Our partners can coordinate multi-phase or multiple floor furniture installations, or small office furniture delivery and installation.

Here’s what Zoom Inc. furniture installation partners can do for you:

  • Deliver your office equipment and furnishings, bringing every item inside and to the office area.
  • Unpack all furniture and related items.
  • Inspect each furniture item for possible missing parts or damage.
  • Assemble, arrange and set up your new office furnishings and divider walls, according to a pre-approved plan from your project manager or designated employee.
  • After furniture assembly and placement, our furniture installation partners conduct a post-install walk-through with your project manager, taking inventory of and testing furniture for proper functionality.
  • The installation crew makes a note of any outstanding office furnishing issues, such as missing items or additional items that may need to be ordered.
  • Your project manager receives a detailed report listing any items that require resolution after the walk-through, which includes a plan for addressing any furniture issues and a project completion document.

Get Full-Service Office Furniture Assembly & Set-Up in DC, MD, or VA

At Zoom, Inc. we not only carry every major manufacturer of quality office furniture in our vast catalog—we also handle workplace layout planning, delivery, and office furniture assembly and setup. Our expert office furniture installers will get your new, improved office up and running with no disruption to your business routine.

We know your successful business can’t afford downtime. You need all your new office furniture built, placed properly and working optimally ASAP! Let Zoom Inc. take care of it. Our professional office furniture installation services deliver, assemble and set up your completed office in record time. Contact us online or call 877-308-8923 today!

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