What Is Green Furniture?

Posted on: August 24, 2017

If you’re concerned about the environment, interested in recycling and sustainability, and want to demonstrate your company’s commitment to these issues—green furniture is for you.

Defining Green Office Furniture

Sustainable manufacturing and recyclability are two of the hallmarks of green office furnishings. These ecologically sound practices often include:

  • Gathering materials in a way that preserves scarce natural resources
  • Using recycled and/or recyclable materials to create products
  • Practicing recycling in manufacturing plants
  • Using earth-friendly chemicals and finishes in the manufacturing process
  • Meeting certification standards of relevant third-party organizations (such as Greenguard and more, discussed below)
  • Shipping products efficiently without creating excess waste
  • And more

Our Partners Creating Green Office Furniture

Many of our manufacturers create green furniture for your office or business and are represented throughout our catalogue. We furnish government offices, schools and universities, healthcare centers, hospitality businesses and more with sustainable, green furniture and lighting.

What About Standards for Sustainable Furniture and Buildings?

Our partner brands individual products or product lines are certified by recognized agencies as meeting strict emissions standards. Some of the certifications you will see noted by manufacturers include:

SCS Global Services Certification

Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. is an industry leader that works with business sectors such as green building, energy, forestry and consumer products. The organization provides third-party audits and certifies quality and sustainability in products such as educational classroom desks and more.

Greenguard Certification

This is a certification program of UL Environment, part of Underwriters Laboratories. Greenguard Certifies interior materials and products with low chemical emissions that contribute to healthy indoor air quality in areas where they are used. Items that can be certified include paints, adhesives, insulation materials, teachers’ desks, stools, storage cubbies and more.

Both SCS and Greenguard certifications can help your building become LEED Certified.

LEED Certification 

The most highly sustainable building projects, or whole neighborhoods, can be LEED certified. The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design organization operates in collaboration with the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) and includes Interior Design certifications.

LEED projects prioritize energy and water conservation and minimal release of greenhouse gases. The projects are healthy and cost-effective. Using sustainable furnishings helps projects qualify for LEED certification.

Benefits of Green Office Furniture

Green office furniture is designed to:

  • Sustain or improve the environment.
  • Create healthier workplaces.
  • Help attract dedicated employees.
  • Motivate employees, increasing morale and company pride.
  • Demonstrate company commitment to eco-friendly policies.
  • Save money on energy bills, insurance, taxes, and/or reduce other business related costs.
  • And more.

How Zoom, Inc. Can Help You Go Green

Zoom, Inc. is dedicated to assisting government, healthcare, hospitality and educational businesses in achieving sustainability. We have helped to furnish LEED awarded buildings in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas.

We welcome the opportunity to help you design your floor plan and furnish your workplace with sustainable, well-designed office furniture that perfectly fits your needs.

Schedule your free sustainable office furniture consultation today! Please call 877-244-1210 or contact us online.

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